This year Neil and Co will be hosting the rally as part of a new project.....the 2 day REDHILL ROCKS festival. Same Venue, just bigger bands, more bands and more people. The Horn Rally crowd will have separate camping. Tickets are available from either website. For more information on the new festival, have a look at the REDHILL ROCKS website 

About Us

The Rally started at Loughborough Boat Club and this will be the 6th Rally this year now at Redhill Marina where there is still the beautiful riverside location, but much more space for camping and partying! 

The Horn Rally aims to raise funds to support the local rowing club, Devil's Elbow Rowing Club .


The Horn Motorcycle Club is an informal group of friends who mainly live in Syston, Leicestershire. The 'horn' refers to a Viking style horn either on a headpiece or a drinking vessel. The club can occasionally be heard to chorus a tribal, "Hooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnn" whilst raising their glasses!!. A signature of the club. 

Testimonials from our Facebook Group

"Bloomin brilliant time - that beer was lethal...!"

"Had a great time, thanks. Well organised."

"Fab weekend, looking forward to next year, thank you very much...."

" Was a good rally the friday band was the best out of the 2 book then again for the next one .

"Brilliant, rally thats 2 rallys under me belt roll on next year" 

"Thanx for a greatwikend...cant wait for next one"

"Hi all at LBC. "THANKS" for "BRILLIANT RALLY" .. Roll on next year."

"Had a fab time, thanks very much!"

"Bloomin excellent time ...... thanks to NEIL the organisers - will be back next year...The Witches of Eastwick xx"

"I would just like to thank the organisers for a fab weekend enjoyed every second thankyou. big john"

Link to fellow riders Royal British Legion Riders Branch 

 Redhill Marina, Ratcliffe on Soar, Nottinghamshire NG11 0EB        Neil - 0771 512 4861